Material management affects almost every area of a project, and ineffective processes can have costly results.  Sound material management ensures that the right materials are available to the right crews at the right time.

Material management involves more than just purchasing – it is an entire process that integrates knowledge of the scope of work, coordination with the project schedule, handling and storage of on-site material, review of vendor bids, and detailed recordkeeping.  CB&A provides the vital material management support that a project needs to move forward efficiently, minimizing delays and cost overruns.  We enable the project management team to make informed material management decisions using detailed reports that incorporate both schedule and cost related concerns.

CB&A’s timely estimates rely on our thorough knowledge of materials and labor. We can handle all the organization and planning of your material management.

  • Review your work scope and create a cost estimate.
  • Develop a job-specific vendor list for your project.
  • Issue inquiries for equipment, fabricated commodities, and bulk orders.
  • Evaluate vendor quotations and place purchase orders.
  • Coordinate and expedite all required vendor deliverables with the project schedule.
  • Purchase and lease construction equipment, small tools, and consumables.
  • Assist in receiving, organizing, and issuing of materials on-site.
  • Closing out of all purchase orders.