Having a well-developed startup and turnover plan enables the project management team to transition smoothly from construction to operational activities and to implement effective quality control measures. It is critical that the construction management team is able to quickly resolve any punchlist items and deliver a quality final product for operational use.

CB&A provides the tools to develop the necessary start-up and turnover processes and to track the progress of the project’s transition.  The project management team can avoid potential delays and cost overruns that occur late in a project’s schedule due to insufficient preparation for the final phase of construction.  Detailed tracking and timely reporting of turnover activities enable effective communication between the construction and operations teams, and the entire project benefits from knowing the progress of final construction work.

At CB&A, we have years of experience handling start-up and turnover programs. Here are a few key pieces of our start-up and turnover services:

  • Develop a start-up strategy with the contractor and the client.
  • Identify start-up systems and implement the design and construction planning.
  • Develop and maintain a system start-up schedule to keep the project on track.
  • Incorporate equipment, piping, electrical and instrumentation databases into the overall system start-up strategy.
  • Coordinate system walk downs with the client, contractor(s), vendor representatives, and the start-up team.
  • Monitor and update the turnover process, including loop checks, hydro testing, rotational checks, and more.
  • Monitor and prioritize construction punchlist activities.