Without a thorough review of a project’s constructability, unexpected obstacles can have a significant, negative impact to a project.  Delays due to limited access to key project areas or equipment can quickly cause schedule deadlines and cost forecasts to be missed.  Increases to cost estimates can be mitigated through proper analysis of a project’s constructability before construction work begins.  CB&A’s industry experience provides realistic evaluations of the necessary construction activities and preparation needed to complete a project successfully.

In addition to new construction, modifications to existing systems can be complicated by outage schedule requirements or operational considerations.  Managing construction work or maintenance plans for operational systems requires experienced knowledge of turnaround scheduling and labor requirements, and CB&A is able to support these complicated projects by effectively handling constructability constraints within the project schedule and cost estimates.

CB&A provides a full range of preconstruction planning and construction management services for the public and private sectors. We can help with several constructability procedures to increase efficiency and profitability.

  • Design and implement constructability procedures and programs that enhance the overall project schedule.
  • Review project’s design for safety concerns and issues that may arise once the project has begun.
  • Work with engineering to determine more efficient methods of construction that may save time and money.
  • Lead modularization studies.
  • Review site layout and utilization plans to optimize construction and operations activities.
  • Identify potential conflicts with existing plant operations and help determine solutions to help your teams work together.