After years as an engineering and construction project management provider, CB&A has acquired a broad knowledge base that we are happy to share with clients to improve their services and products.

CB&A works with some of the most seasoned experts in the industrial construction management field and is able to provide reliable advice for a wide range of projects.  Our network of professionals and broad client history enables us to accurately and effectively evaluate our clients’ unique considerations and requirements, empowering the project management team with realistic goals and project targets.

With a decades-long history in the industry and high ethical standards, CB&A is a trustworthy source that clients can rely upon.  We work hard to gain our clients’ trust, and our repeat clients are a testament to our continued effectiveness in project management techniques and practices.

Here are a few ways CB&A Consulting can help our clients:

  • Consult about planning and estimating techniques and systems.
  • Develop scheduling and cost analysis techniques and systems.
  • Advise on shutdown planning.
  • Share knowledge about field deviations and change orders.
  • Consult about material control and expediting techniques and systems.
  • Train and talk about specialized computer software.
  • Conduct seminars and training on all CB&A services.
  • Conduct procedure and work process reviews.